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The famous Piazza del Campo in Siena Italy
Red poppies field in Siena Italy
Famous fresco by Simone de Martini in Siena Tuscany Italy
Spring wildflowers near Siena Italy
Salimbeni square in Siena Italy
Cypresses in a Siena byroad Italy
Typical landscape near Siena Italy
A fresco inside Siena Town hall Italy
A countryside accomodation near Siena Italy
MTB riding in Siena countryside Italy
Souvenir shops along Via di Citta' in Siena Italy
Skies over Siena countryside Italy
Hot-air balloon flying over Siena countryside Italy
Monteriggioni castle near Siena Italy
Red wine from Siena area Italy
Cinta senese salami from Siena area Italy
An aperitif with a view of Siena sunset Italy
A balcony with flowers in Siena Italy
The typical cannellini beans cooked in the bottle from Siena area Italy
Sunflowers in Siena countryside Italy
A fortress in Siena countryside Italy
A typical alley in Siena historical center Italy
Blooming sunflowers in Siena countryside Italy
A golf course near Siena Italy
The delicious hand made pasta pici from Siena Italy
The starting grid of the Palio in Siena Italy
Red poppies bloom in Spring in Siena countryside Italy
A hot air baloon over Siena Italy
Biking in Siena rolling hills Italy
Wine and typical salami from Siena area Italy
Choosing a direction...near Siena Italy
An Italian landscaped garden in a Villa near Siena Italy
A fortified village in Siena countryside Italy
A village outside Siena Italy
A medieval building in Siena historical center Italy
A glimpse of Siena Italy
Colors of Siena hills Italy
A view of Siena Italy
 The beauty of Siena surroundings Italy
A sunset in Siena countryside Italy
A bas relief in Siena Italy
Dinner Al Fresco in a Siena country house Italy
Medieval houses in Siena and Cathedral bell tower Italy
Santa Maria della Scala frescoes in Siena Italy
A detail of Siena Cathedral Italy
An aerial view of Piazza del Campo in Siena Italy
A side door of Siena Cathedral Italy
The Cathedral in Siena Italy
A view of Siena with Mangia Tower Italy
Roofs of Siena Italy
The start of the horse Palio in Siena Italy
Approaching to Siena city center in Italy
Sant'Antimo abbey in Siena countryside Italy
Red ruby wine from Siena Italy
The precious saffron from San Gimignano near Siena Italy
The green of Siena rolling hills Italy
Siena famous gothic style cathedral Italy
Typical landscape near Siena Italy
Flag fliers during the Palio in Siena Italy
A farmhouse in Siena countryside Italy
Sunset on Siena hills Italy
Terre di Siena colors Italy
A typical cypresses alley in Siena countryside Italy
The colors of Crete Senesi hills near Siena Italy
Wild porcini mushroom from Siena woods Italy
Gothic style windows in Siena Italy
The famous Palio of Siena Italy
Siena at sunset time Italy
Madonna by Martini in Siena Italy
Celebrations after the Palio is over in Siena Italy
Madonna by Duccio da Buoninsegna in Siena Italy
The towers of San Gimignano village near Siena Italy
A tower in a castle outside Siena Italy
Relax in many of Siena area spas Italy
A typical sunrise in Val D'Orcia near Siena Italy
Sant'Antimo abbey near Siena Italy
Morning mist in Siena countryside Italy
Morning mist in Siena countryside Italy
The beauty of Siena sunflowers in Summer Italy


This description page of Siena, in the Italian region of Tuscany, will guide you in planning your trip to Italy and help you find useful travel information about this Italian city.


An awe-inspiring journey into the past and a harmonious blending of urban and country lifestyles, Siena is one of the most beautiful cities in Toscana. A magnificent ensemble of medieval palaces, cathedrals and towers and a soaring skyline dominated by the needle of the Torre di Mangia, he city's pride, Siena's bustling city sits only four streets away from the quiet of rolling hills, olive groves and country orchards of the sun-drenched valley.


Built on three hills surrounded by well-preserved walls, the city is filled with fine examples of Gothic architecture and ancient buildings cast in warm, brown Siena-colored brick.  A visit to Siena is like journeying backwards through time, walking through the winding alleyways surrounding the unique and world famous Piazza del Campo (the shell-shaped area with scalloped edges that is the heart of the city,) or climbing the steep steps to view treasures of art, everything seems to have remained much as it was in medieval times, when the city enjoyed its greatest artistic and civil splendor.


It is here that the fabulous Palio occurs in the summer of each year.  A tradition since medieval times, this popular horse race set into a medieval atmosphere of ancient tournaments lives on!  Held in the Piazza del Campo every year, the event is preceded by a historic cortege and procession in costume with all the symbolism of ancient tournaments. Though the race itself lasts little more than a minute, there is no lack of enthusiasm or excitement for the festivities surrounding the event. The configuration of the magnificent Piazza del Campo with its unusual shell-like shape uniting the different levels formed by the three hills on which the city was founded, adds to the feeling of antiquity.

Siena, the medieval city of hidden alleyways, winding paths, splendor and beauty is truly a journey into antiquity.

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