What Are The Most Popular Honeymoon Packages In Italy?

What Are The Most Popular Honeymoon Packages In Italy?Newlywed couples around the world flock to Italy every year to take advantage of some of the most romantic honeymoon packages available anywhere. Any part of the country you and your spouse end up in, the gorgeous landscapes, charming towns and delectable cuisine will offer an unforgettable experience. The wedding day is one of the most important moments in any couple’s relationship, and preserving that special memory should be something all newlyweds strive for. When honeymooning in Italy, the happy couple will have fabulous memories to cherish for a lifetime.

What are some of the most popular honeymoon packages in Italy?

Italy is one of the world’s most important centers of culture, history, art, architecture, and natural beauty. With the snowcapped Alps to the north, the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and Venice in the east, every direction offers new and exciting sights for newlyweds.

In the Veneto region, many couples enjoy their first days together in the City of Canals, Venice. Venice is famous for the rivulets of water that carve their way through the city, presenting the perfect opportunity for married couples to sit, hand in hand, as they ferry around Venice by boat. Known for its art, it attracts some of the world’s best young artists.

Lake Como is not only a popular destination for newlyweds, but it also hosts hundreds of weddings every year. Lake Como is pristine, quiet, and surrounded by small picturesque villages, all of which are inviting to couples looking for an adventure by the lake. Located in the Lombardy region of north Italy, it is set amid a mountainous backdrop, making Lake Como look like a precious, classic painting.

Trips 2 Italy has a number of honeymoon packages. Some include those that will take you to the sprawling cities of Italy, including Rome, Florence, and Naples. Rome, known as the Eternal City, can also become a symbol of your eternal love, providing an incredibly memorable tour of the city’s most important monuments. See the Trevi Fountain, which has appeared in numerous romantic movies, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, and the Coliseum during an adventurous trek across thousands of years of history.

The Island of Capri is off the Italian coast and surrounded by the warm waters of the Mediterranean. During the Roman Empire, Capri was a favored spot for Roman nobility, as its natural beauty is incomparable. Newlyweds can tour dozens of historic buildings adorned with intricate architecture, enjoy local festivals, and see some of the prettiest bodies of water. The Blue Grotto, in particular, is something people from around the world come to see. During the day, this seaside cavern is filled with blue light reflecting off of the water, adorning the cave with an ethereal glow. A trip into the grotto is done by rowboat, and the tranquil pace will allow you to focus all of your attention on your loving spouse.

Every couple dreams of a honeymoon that’s stress-free and full of memorable moments. Let Trips 2 Italy help you choose the perfect after-wedding celebration with their variety of honeymoon packages.

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