Palio di Siena: The History Of The Contrade Flags & Colors

Tuscany_Siena_palio_horses_blgWe already wrote an article about the Palio di Siena (check the link to have a brief overview of it) but this event is such a big cultural moment not only in Tuscany, but in the whole country of Italy. Intertwined with the horse race, which is the peak of the celebrations, there are so many stories, events, legends, and curiosities which are worth narrating. In this article, I am going to write about the different districts (the so called Contrade) of the city which are involved in the Palio, describing in particular their history, colors, and flags. Continue reading "Palio di Siena: The History Of The Contrade Flags & Colors"

Tuscan Sunflower Fields

Tuscany Italy sunflowers fields panoramaOne of Tuscany’s most famous and attractive landscapes is its never ending fields of sunflowers during the summer. Usually from June to August, one can enjoy a beautiful panorama of these lovely yellow flowers driving through the small winding roads through the enchanting Tuscan countryside only to be enhanced by the sight of cypress trees, an ancient church atop a hill, or a typical Tuscan farmhouse amidst the wilderness. Don’t let your friends tell you, ask a Trips2Italy travel specialist how to spend your vacation admiring the sunflowers “under the Tuscan sun”…

Get your Donkey and Frog Ready for Competition

If you think that the word Palio is only associated to the well-known Siena horserace, you will learn that it is not the case after reading this article.
According to its Latin origins, the word Palio (from Pallium) refers to the banner or the cloth awarded to the winner of a competition. According to the tradition the winners’ district will keep this Palio until the next competition, usually one year later. Continue reading "Get your Donkey and Frog Ready for Competition"

The “Palio di Siena”: a horse race and much more

Siena Palio horse race Mounted Carabinieri police charge

The Palio di Siena is a horse race that takes place twice yearly, on July 2 and August 16, in Siena, in which ten horses and riders represent ten of the seventeen  city districts  (in Italian: Contrade). The Palio is one of the most popular and spectacular Italian events.  Continue reading "The “Palio di Siena”: a horse race and much more"