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Aosta Valley Italy portico
Aosta Valley Italy Fenis Castle
Aosta Valley Italy Ussel castle
Aosta Valley Italy Saint Pierre Castle
Aosta Valley Italy frescoed church

Aosta Valley History

Originally inhabited by the Celti Salassi, the Aosta Valley was occupied by the Romans in the 25th century BC and was joined to the Transpadana Region.  The Burgundi, Ostrogoti, Byzantines and Franchi succeeded in occupying the valley in subsequent years, and after the dissolution of the Carolingian Empire it passed in the hands of the king of Italy in the 10th century, later enduring the incursions of the Saracens.


From the 11th century it fell under the power of Savoia with Tommaso 1st, interrupted by short occupations by the French in 1691 and 1704-1706. Napoleon crossed it in 1800 in order to enter Italy and he decided later to annexed it, along with Piedmont, to France, from which it was detached with the restoration of the Sabaudo Reign

During the Second World War it was one of the main centers of the Resistance. Later it was declared an independent Italian region.

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