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Aosta Valley Italy polenta festival
Aosta Valley Italy typical gastronomy
Aosta Valley Italy Mont Blanc cake

Aosta Valley Food & Wine

food (cibo)


Known for its simple and genuine ingredients, but with centuries of tradition and elaborate preparation, gastronomy plays an important role in the regional culture. The cheeses, such as the Toma and the famous and original Fontina, accompany the local specialties: polenta concia, carbonada, Aostan steak, and chamois meat and they are the main ingredients of the Fonduta alla valdostana, a mix of fontina, eggs, milk, and butter melted together to enjoy with bread.


Other regional products are honey, all-bran bread, Arnad lard, Bosses ham and mocetta, a chamois dried meat.

Don't forget to taste the real traditional merenda valdostana (a sort of  "snack"), the Mourdja: with salami, potatoes, cheese and good wine.

Sweets of the area include dolcettas and shortbread cookies with almonds.


wine (vino)


Val d'Aosta produces numerous wines, with the official seal of denomination of origin. Donnas, Pinot Noir and Fumin are excellent reds, while one should try the Chardonnay, Morgex and Chambave Muscat which are three of the valley's best white wines.

Grappa and genepi are local liquors to warm up after a cold day of skiing or during a breezy summer night.

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