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Cortona Food & Wine

No matter where you go in Cortona, you will always find an exceptionally delicious meal or a tasty treat to savor. True to its Tuscan roots, the local cuisine is easy on the palate and nourishing for the body. The Tuscan tradition takes local flavors and combines them into mouth-watering dishes. From simplistic dishes like bean or bread soup, to heartier fare like Pappa con il Pomodoro, this fantastic city is famous for its cheeses, wines, and scrumptious beef recipes.



This city is famous for some of the best beef in the region. “Chianina” is one of oldest breeds of cattle in the world, and one of the largest. Being one of the largest breeds, it stands to reason that the steaks would be superb. They are typically very thick cuts and are traditionally prepared on a wood barbeque pit and seasoned lightly with locally produced olive oil and a bit of salt. Speaking of olive oil, it is interesting to know that this region is perfect for producing olives, and this area features its own prestigious kind of this Italian staple.


This area is also widely known for its production of delicious cheese. The Pecorino is a local favorite, which is made from sheep’s milk. Some of the favorite pairings for this particular cheese are nuts (walnuts in particular), local honey and delicious jams of various flavors.


Some of Italy’s best wines are produced from the grapes that grow in this area, including Rosso, Syrah, Grechetto, and Chardonnay. Let us not forget Tuscany’s most famous wine, Vin Santo, which is a fortified sweet wine that is served with cantuccini almond biscuits for dipping. Some of the vineyards in this area date back to the Etruscan times, featuring a unique growing style.


No matter which restaurant or café you decide to visit, you’ll always find something scrumptious to eat and drink.

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