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Orvieto Food & Wine



Orvieto’s cuisine follows the typical characteristics of Umbrian cooking, with a particular attention to recipes based on feathered game such as quail, partridge and turtledove.

Typical appetizers include ciriole, a type of rustic tagliatelle prepared with oil and garlic lightly fried, the strascinati, a type of maccheroni ruvidi with sausage and eggs, and finally the Umbrian spaghetti artigianali, made by hand and often served with grated black or white truffle.

Porchetta [roasted sucking pig] is the queen of the main dishes; it is cooked in the wood oven, stuffed with vittles and flavored with garlic, pepper and finocchio selvatico. Other popular dishes include the beccacce alla norcina, with butter, thyme and black truffle, and the budellacci, smoked pig treated with salt, spices and finocchietto.

Dried fruit is a recurring ingredient in Umbrian desserts, which include the torciglione, the pinoccate, and maccheroni with the walnuts, a traditional Christmas dessert.


Umbrian cuisine is centered around extravirgin olive oil and local wines found in the region. The most well known wines in Orvieto are the Orvieto Classico, Torgiano, Montefalco, Colli del Trasimeno, Alto Tiberini, Colli Perugini, Martani and Amerini. Other fine wines include the Torgiano di Riserva and the Sagrantino di Montefalco.

Orvieto (DOC)
This ancient wine was known in antiquity as a favorite among popes and princes and is still produced in the area. The Orvieto Bianco is obtained from a combination of Trebbiano Toscano, known locally as Procanico (40-60%), Verdello (15-25%), Grechetto, Canaiolo Bianco (known locally as Drupeggio), and Malvasia Toscana (not above 20%). Other varieties of white grape can also be used, but not in proportions that exceed 15%. The straw yellow coloring of this wine gives way to a delicate bouquet that reveals an intense body, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. It is especially suitable either as an aperitivo or as a table wine served with pork dishes. The addition of Classico to the label indicates that the wine comes from the oldest production area. Superiore indicates that the wine has been launched on the market on March 1st after harvesting.

Rosso Orvietano or Orvientano Rosso (DOC)
The term "Rosso Orvietano" or "Orvietano Rosso" is used to indicate red wines that come from grapes grown within a specific area in the province of Terni, which comprises 14 Comuni, including that of Orvieto.

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