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Agrigento Food & Wine

Agrigento is only a short distance from the sea, so you can imagine that they have a wonderful variety of seafood dishes, as well as dishes originating from the game and crops grown in the country. Some of the popular types of fish that make their ways to the tables in Agrigento include sardines, sole, and red snapper.

Those who take a trip to Sicily will find a bounty of wonderful food. Much of the food that you will find in the region has influences stemming from other cultures since so many made the area their home at one point or another. The Arab influence on the cuisine is quite prominent.

Some of the things that you can expect to find when you are in the region include sundried tomatoes, olives, salted anchovies, peas, and artichokes. Visitors will also be able to find some types of pizza that they will not be able to find elsewhere, and they often use ingredients that you would not find on a traditional Western pizza. Pasta is popular, naturally, as it is all over Italy. Pasta with fish, bean, or with eggplant are some popular dishes. Some places will even add pistachios to the pasta.

Lamb and goat are the popular meats of the area, and you can often find roasted goat on the menu. Of course, they have other meats as well. Through the winter, you should be able to find duck, sausage, and pork, amongst other items. The meat dishes served in the area are generally going to have seasoned vegetables served with them. One of the items that are quite popular is caponata, which is a mixture of fried vegetables that they serve cold.

Of course, one also has to think about dessert, and you will have some wonderful pastry options in the city. The pastry shops are some of the best in the country, and you will be able to find some wonderful treats to tempt you within!


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