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Ragusa Food & Wine

When you think about Ragusan food, you have to put olive oil on the top of the list of ingredients. One of the major industries of the area is in Tonda Iblea olives, which are grown in the mountains. The volcanic soil provides a pure, flavorful taste that cannot be found anywhere else.  In fact, if you have ever enjoyed Focaccia, you will want to try “scacce,” which is flatbread stuffed with everything from eggplant, ricotta and spinach to tomato, cheese and local sausage. Once only served for Christmas, it’s now a delicacy that is enjoyed all year in many local restaurants.

Ragusan recipes are similar to traditional Sicilian food, but the locals like to put a unique twist on their dishes. As you would imagine, seafood plays a big role in the local cuisine, where sardines, snapper, cuttlefish and tuna are found in most restaurants. For the pasta lover, the local dishes are truly unique as well. Local meats and vegetables are incorporated into recipes, including a local favorite Maccheroni al forno, which is their version of baked pasta.

And who can leave a good Sicilian dining table without dessert? You can savor Ragusan Cannolis, which have goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk in the ricotta cheese filling. And, as part of the local farming industry, your gelato will be made from local pistachios and hazelnuts, picked fresh and made by hand.

Sicily has more vineyards than any other Italian wine region and many of the local wineries have over 2000 years of history. They incorporate modern techniques, but also have been well-preserved and there are native grapes which are expertly turned into exceptional local wines.  

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