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Ragusa Culture

A visit to Ragusa will take you back to ancient prehistoric times, which was inhabited by Greek colonists, near the coastal city of Kamarina. To get a true idea of life back then, you’ll want to visit the Archeological Museum where you will see exhibits, artifacts and sculptures that date back to that time.

Just outside of the city center are two archaeological sites where you can see ruins of the ancient city. One is Kamarina, which is a city founded by Syracuse and dates back to 599 B.C.; only a few ruins remain, but the historical significance makes it worth the visit. Also interesting to see is the Kaukana, which is an ancient port city. In the year 258 B.C., when Kamarina was destroyed, many of its inhabitants fled to Kaukana where it remained an important city for many centuries.

There are magnificent cathedrals to visit as well, including the Cathedral of St. George, which is known to be the grandest structure in Ragusa. It is in the heart of the old town and displays some of the oldest and most prized artwork. You will also want to see the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, which is actually situated underneath the walls of a medieval castle and was rebuilt twice, the more recent being in 1718. Its exquisite Baroque style makes it the envy of all other cathedrals on the island of Sicily and is a must-see when in Ragusa.

Walking the streets of Ragusa, you will experience the beauty of every day life. The Piazza Pola is a wonderful place to start, as there are bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast in the sun. From there, walk the winding streets and marvel at the baroque architecture and palaces until you reach the Ibleo Garden, which is located in the oldest section of town. There as you are surrounded by towering palms, Lebanon cedars, Judas trees and Italian cypresses, all typical of a mid- 19th century Mediterranean garden you can enjoy a view of the Irminio valley and river below.


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