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Traditional polenta Como Italy
Fishing boats on the lake shore Como Italy

Como Food & Wine

food (cibo)

The majority of the specialties of Como and the surrounding lake communities are fish dishes, not surprisingly. A favorite main dish is fresh perch, a clean-tasting fish that has been filleted and then rolled in flour and breadcrumbs, and then pan-fried in butter and often seasoned with lemon and sage. This is often served on a bed of risotto, the risotto con filetti di persico. Other popular fish dishes include lavarelli alla salvia, which is prized whitefish cooked with sage, frittura di alborelle, a small whitefish (a "brightfish") that is fried and eaten whole, and the distinctive missultin, sun-dried agoni (shad) that are char-grilled over coals and served on a bed of polenta. Another unique preparation is marinate in carpione, which is cooking preserved fish. The traditional bread in Como is cooked in wood-fired ovens and has a slightly acidic taste and a very good flavor overall.

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