Darlene Q. – Italy Anniversary Trip

Venice Houses on Canal Grande

Boungiorno Tommaso, We had a wonderful time! If you can give us a few days we can let you know what we liked the most and least. Brett took notes on the trip so we just need to go through those. We are very satisfied with what you set up for us. We did get to see a lot of Italy in short amount of time. Next time we go we will definitely cut down on the tours and enjoy spending relaxing time there. We also met and spent some time with Frank and Frizz who are clients of yours. We had a lot of laughs and fun times with them. Thank you very much for planning our trip. We are so thankful that we went through your company. I don't think anyone could have planned such a perfect trip for us. Sincerely, Darlene PS - We will follow up with notes in a few days.