Mr. and Mrs. David L. – San Francisco, CA

Venice Bridge Sight San Giorgio View

The room we got with your help ,was all we could ask for There is no way we were going to get the room we did if we had tried to book it ourselves. That is definitely an advantage of using a company such as yours where you have built up a relationship with a hotel tours were very well done! They were very organized, small groups which was great, and our guides both days were very personable and both were archaeologists so they really knew their stuff I am so happy I was able to find you guys. Your professionalism, care, concern, and knowledge were fantastic. You always said, you want us to relax and let you do the work-well I should have listened. You did it all We could not have asked for anything more Thank you again for all that you and Tommaso and Ana and all did for us. You truly made our trip the most special trip we have ever taken! Mr. and Mrs. David L. San Francisco, CA