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Fonte Avellana monastery near Urbino Italy
San Leo fortress near Urbino Italy
The Fortuna square in Fano near Urbino Italy
A view of Fermignano near Urbino Italy
A view of Fermignano near Urbino Italy
Typical cold cuts from Urbino Italy
Truffle sauces from Urbino Italy
Fossa seasoned cheese from Urbino area Italy
A cloister in Urbino Italy
A monastery in Urbino countryside Italy
The Roman arch in Fano near Urbino Italy
An antique market in Fano near Urbino Italy
The Carnival in Fano near Urbino Italy
An altar piece from Urbino Italy
Enjoying the beach in Pesaro Urbino coast Italy
The Furlo river gorge close to Urbino Italy
A beach in Pesaro Urbino Italy
An aerial view of a medieval village near Urbino Italy
Mombaroccio city gate near Urbino Italy
Mondavio castle near Urbino Italy
Ducal Palace in Pesaro near Urbino Italy
A beach in Pesaro near Urbino Italy
Pala di Pesaro by Bellini near Urbino Italy
The Big Sphere by Pomodoro in Pesaro near Urbino Italy
Costanza fortress in Pesaro near Urbino Italy
A view of Sassocorvaro near Urbino Italy
Sassocorvaro fortress courtyard near Urbino Italy
A view of Urbania near Urbino Italy
The Flagellation by Piero della Francesca in Ducal Palace Urbino Italy
Portrait of Federico da Montefeltro by Berruguete in Ducal Palace Urbino Italy
A view of Ducal Palace in Urbino Italy
Madonna of Senigallia by Piero della Francesca in Ducal Palace Urbino Italy
Portrait of a woman La Muta by Raffaello in Ducal Palace Urbino Italy
The Ducal Palace courtyard in Urbino Italy
San Bernardino Church in Urbino Italy
Federico da Montefeltro's wooden studio in Ducal Palace Urbino Italy
A view of San Bartolo natural park in Urbino coast Italy
Mondavio fortress near Urbino Italy
May brooms in San Bartolo natural park near Urbino Italy
A medieval alley in Urbino Italy
Urbino Cathedral Italy


This description page of Urbino, in the Italian region of Marche, will guide you in planning your trip to Italy and help you find useful travel information about this Italian city.


Urbino is the best-known city of Marche. This is not a place for a fleeting visit, but rather a careful exploration and review. You will slow down to savor the enthralling spirit of history that haunts the magnificent buildings of this city. The splendor of Urbino cannot be portrayed in words; instead, you must spend time wandering the ancient streets to acquire a true understanding of the city's history.


With picturesque stone dwellings scattered along charming city streets and the celebrated Ducal Palace dominating its skyline, Urbino encompasses all that is classic Italy. Urbino is home to many art treasures and Renaissance monuments, including Piero della Francesca's Ideal City and Raphael's ornate house. The cultural beauty within the city walls is rivaled only by the magnificence of the region's surrounding mountains and valleys.


Start at the Piazza Duca Federico by the neo-classical style Cathedral which contains fine paintings by Federico Barocci. Discover the house of Raffaello, the church of St. Domenico, the university, and the Oratories of Santa Croce and St. Giovanni Battista. Finally, continue on to the Ducal Palace, the greatest jewel in town. Built for Federico da Montefeltro by architect Luciano Laurana and Francesco di Giorgio Martini, it is a masterpiece of Renaissance art.


Modern Urbino is above all a lively university town. The Universita' degli Studi, it is one of the largest private institutions in the country. In Urbino, the students outnumber the general population.


A traveler can also use Urbino as a base for excursions to the towns and villages throughout the northern part of Marche, towns as serene and lovely as those in Tuscany although less known.


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