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The Fall of the Giants Mantua Italy
 Palazzo Te Mantua Italy
Detail on the historical center of Mantua Italy
Fall on the Mincio river Mantua Italy
The Cathedral in Mantua Italy
View on the city of Mantua Italy
Glimpse on the historical center Mantua Italy
Palazzo Ducale square detail Mantua Italy
Ducal Palace interior Mantua Italy
Fresco painting in Mantua Italy
Erbe square Mantua Italy
Torre Dell'Orologio in Mantua Italy
Clock detail Mantua Italy
Ducal Palace interior Mantua Italy
Bibiena theatre Mantua Italy
Palazzo ducale square Mantua Italy
Mantegna house Mantua Italy
Mantua from the Mincio river Italy
Dome of Sant'Andrea church in Mantua Italy
Painting in the square Italy
The City from the fields Mantua Italy
Historic coaches Mantua Italy
Mantua countryside Italy
Water lillie on the Mincio river Mantua Italy
Wintertime on the Mincio river Mantua Italy
Paddy field around Mantua Italy
The Mincio river Mantua Italy
Storks in the countryside Mantua Italy
Countryside around Mantua Italy
Countryside around Mantua Italy
Mincio regional park Mantua Italy
Horse livestock Mantua countryside Italy
Glimpse on Mantua from the countryside Italy
Juicy melons from the countryside Mantua Italy


Mantua is a stern, inward-looking, noble city with a strong sense of identity. Located in the southeastern part of Lombardy on a plain, and surrounded by swampy lakes, this was once a busy and prosperous port, with its access to the Po River via the Mincio River. This melancholy, masculine setting, whose sense is reinforced by its often foggy or humid weather, can seem uninviting at first. But, Mantua is a great art city and worth a visit. Thankfully, most of the wise patronage of its independent-minded rulers, is felt through this handsome, seemingly sober city of about 50,000 inhabitants.

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