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Transparent sea near Portofino Italy
Fresh Pesto from Portofino Italy
Boats in Portofino Italy
Diving in Portofino Italy
Portofino colored houses Italy
Chiavari arcades near Portofino Italy
Sunrise in Portofino Italy
Gardens in Portofino area Italy
Castle in Liguria near Portofino Italy
Beach near Portofino Italy
San Fruttuoso Abbey near Portofino Italy
Typical artichockes from Portofino Italy
Vermentino wine from Portofino area Italy
Fishermen near Portofino Italy
Portofino overview Italy
Portofino small square Italy
Church in Tigullio gulf Portofino Italy
Santa Margherita Ligure Church near Portofino Italy
Sunset in Portofino Italy


Tucked into a narrow cove overlooking the rocky coastline is one of Italy's most picturesque, enchanting and romantic places: Portofino. 

There are many reasons why this tiny, cliff-lined port, called the "Pearl of the Mediterranean" continues to attract artists, poets, celebrities, and wealthy sophisticates from around the world. Set against a backdrop of a very agreeable climate and lush, luxuriant vegetation, the beauty of Portofino's natural environment is surpassed only by the charm and intimacy of its narrow streets, hidden coves, quaint cafes and incredible charm.


It is a place where one can enjoy a sophisticated social life, or ultimate privacy; a place where one can explore the rugged coastline where tiny villages are tucked away in hidden coves, walk the paths of Mount Portofino where one is enticingly drawn to the sun and the sea, visit the many boutiques of chic and trendy Italian clothing, or simply sit in one of the little outdoor cafes and people-watch the day away. It is a place where flags of every country are flown from expensive yachts and where elegant parties rule.

It is a town where little has been altered since the city government of nearby Genoa declared Portofino a national monument in 1935, requiring approval before any architectural change can be made to its structures.

And it is a town where everything is extraordinary!  Whether it's the landing of a yacht, an evening spent in a nightspot, a walk to the castle, or experiencing one of the most popular celebrations, there are so many reasons why this small and almost inaccessible inlet has become an international name, a symbol of beauty and exclusiveness throughout the world.


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