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Fishermen in Portofino Italy
Fresh pesto from Portofino Liguria
Vermentino wine from Portofino area Italy

Portofino Food & Wine

food (cibo)


The focus is on seafood, vegetables and herbs enjoyed with local white and red wines. Lemon trees grow in abundance with its fruits an especially good flavoring to seafood, and their unique olive oil, delicate and lighter than Tuscan oil due to moderating influences of the sea, and goes well with the cuisine. 

Typical dishes include focaccia, the bread eaten all day long, the famous linguine al pesto, made of basil, pine nuts, olive oil and garlic, a variety of savory vegetable pies of artichokes and seasonal greens, white fish with white wine, sprigs of marjoram, tarragon or rosemary, garlic and olives, and a grilled or lightly fried mixture of squid, prawns, octopus, and anchovies.

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