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Municipal Palace Trieste Italy
Sailboats during Barcolana Trieste Italy
Coastline of Trieste Italy
Roman Theater Trieste Italy
Summer outdoor concert in Trieste Italy
Barcolana Race Trieste Italy
Harbor in Trieste Italy
Barcolana overview Trieste Italy
Trieste Gulf Italy during Barcolana event
Ponterosso Canal in Trieste Italy
Saint Giusto Cathedral Trieste Italy
Sailboats during Barcolana Trieste Italy
Trieste Gulf overview Italy


Trieste, the capital of Friuli and the Trieste province is tucked away in a corner of the northeast Adriatic sea . It is very rich in museums and possesses collections of great artistic value and historical curiosities. Walking through the streets and squares, one is surrounded by ancient Roman buildings mixed with 18th century ones, Austrian-style landscapes, and churches of all dominations.


It is the major seaport with several shipyards and is a commercial and industrial center. Also, it serves as the terminus of pipelines from Eastern Europe.


It is considered a city of intellectuals. The San Marco in Via Battisti is a literary cafe' traditionally used to satisfy the literary likings of its residents. Drinks are not served at a bar, only at the marble tables. Newspapers are available for readers and everybody speaks quietly to avoid disturbing them.


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