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Trieste gulf overview during Barcolana Italy
Sailboats Barcolana Trieste Italy
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Participants of Barcolana Trieste Italy
Barcolana race Trieste Italy

Trieste Things to Do




Carnival (Carnevale di Muggia), first months of the year

A pagan-turned-Christian festivity, this is a big event that features fancy floats and fancy dressed-celebrants.


Maraton'Europa, La Bavisela, Europes Marathon, 1st Sunday in May

One of the finest marathons in Europe is run on panoramic roads of Trieste, symbolizing peace and brotherhood among the people of the Adriatic.


Majenca, The May Festival of S. Dorligo della Valle (Dolina), May

A celebration that originates from the pagan cult of the Spring and has remained rooted in the rural culture of the Karst. The main attraction is the Mai, (May Tree), a pine trunk with a cherry tree grafted on top. The tree is decorated with fruit and sweets, towering above the main square during the three days of the festival.


The European Marathon (Maratona d'Europa)

The European Marathon, an important sports event surrounded by a host of other and more popular events, where sports, drinks, food, and music reigns.


Nozze Carsiche (Karst Nuptials), August (every other year)

A couple of Slovenian descent, chosen among Karst residents, pronounce their wedding vows according to the old customs of the local rural community. Starting a week in advance with bachelor parties for both the bride and groom, and culminate on Sunday with the actual wedding. During the week, the couple goes through rituals and on Sunday morning the wedding party, dressed in traditional costumes then heads to the church for the ceremony.


Sailing Race Coppa d'Autunno "Barcolana", 2nd Sunday in October

Gulf of Trieste plays host to events on the sailing calendar, distinguished by the participation of all classes of sailing boats.


Festa di San Giusto, November

Triestines honor their patron saint's holiday with sweets and craft stands.


Festa di S. Martino, St. Martin's day

Traditional feast of the piglet market. The typical dish is sausages with sauerkraut.


Fiera di S. Nicolo', December

Traditional open-air market that clogs up Viale XX Settembre, where children in Trieste receive their Christmas gifts from S. Nicolo', the original Santa Claus.


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