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Trieste Food & Wine

Food (Cibo)


The Austrian and Slavic tradition of dishes prominent in the city buffets and typical restaurants of Middle-European origins are prominent here.

Snacks are based on pork meat boiled in the typical pot called "caldai", and many varieties of ham and sausages are often served with sauerkrauts and cranberry sauce, paprika, or cumin.

Try jota, a soup prepared with the pork skin, potatoes, beans, and goulash, squazeto (tripe), or  veal stew. Also found among the typical dishes are gnocchi of bread and ham, served with jam or stuffed with plums.

Tabor cheese of Monrupino are typical cheeses.

A variety of the most famous Austrian cakes are offered in the local pastry shops. Sample the sacher cake, krapfen, strucolo cotto, strucolo de pomi (strudel), andchiffeletti (cookies). A sweet, leavened bread, pinza, is prepared during Easter. The titola is decorated with a hard egg, the putizza and presnitz, are richer varieties.



Wine (Vino)


The DOC local wine is the red and thick Terrano. Other DOC wines found in Friuli are Carso, Rosso, Malvasia, and the white Vitovska Gargania.

Other popular wines are Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Asuvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon.


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