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Trieste harbor Italy
Municipal building Trieste Italy

Trieste Culture

Trieste, the city of historical cafes of literature, is home of favored visitors such as James Joyce, Saba, and the contemporary writer Claudio Magris. It is also home to literary icons as Zeno, Emilio, Alfonso and Aligiolina. It was here that the famous, yet impoverished novelist, James Joyce and his bride Nora Bernacle, arrived in 1904 looking for work. They remained here for 10 years where he wrote Dubliners, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and Ulysees.


Trieste has many of the most important scientific technological research institutions in the country.


A wonderful collection of antique and curiosity shops, in little streets and alleyways, are hidden behind the Piazza dell'Unita' d'Italia. Antique markets and collectors come here from around the world for genuine 18th-century collections.


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