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Interior of Vicenza cathedral Italy
A detail of the Piazza dei Signori in Vicenza Italy
Loggia Valmarana by Palladio in Vicenza Italy
Piazza dei Signori in Vicenza Italy
The Olympic Theater in Vicenza Italy
Monte Barico church in Vicenza Italy
An alpine lake near Vicenza Italy
Pigafetta Palace in Vicenza Italy
A small church in Vicenza Italy
A classical palace in Vicenza Italy
Statue of Andrea Palladio in Vicenza Italy
Thiene Palace in Vicenza Italy
A typical canal in Vicenza Italy
Barbaran Palace in Vicenza Italy
A glimpse of Vicenza Italy
Barbaran Palace in Vicenza Italy
A performance in the Olympic theater in Vicenza Italy
La Rotonda by Palladio in Vicenza Italy
Gardens of Villa da Schio near Vicenza Italy
The interior of a villa near Vicenza Italy
A villa in Vicenza countryside Italy
Old furniture in Vicenza Italy
A view of Asiago near Vicenza Italy
Ruins of a castle outside Vicenza Italy
The tradition of chess in Vicenza Italy
 Craftsmanship of Vicenza Italy
Golf course near Vicenza Italy
Sheep in Asiago plateau near Vicenza Italy
A cross country ski slope in Asiago plateau near Vicenza Italy
Cows in Asiago plateau near Vicenza Italy
The typical white asparagus from Bassano near Vicenza Italy
A shop with the dried cod in Vicenza Italy
Berries from Asiago plateau near Vicenza Italy
An artisanal brewery in Vicenza Italy
Polenta from Vicenza Italy
Typical salami and wine from Vicenza Italy
Typical potatoes from Vicenza area Italy


Successful, bustling Vicenza has one of the highest average incomes in Italy. To add to its appeal, rolling landscapes provide opportunities for golf, horseback riding, and tennis.

Yet it was not always a place of such distinction. Like other communities in the region, Romans settled it, barbarians destroyed, and it finally eased its way into the Veneto in the 15th century as a member province. And thanks to the influence of the architectural wizardry of Andrea Palladio (1508-80), Vicenza's importance continued to grow.


Lying equal distance between Venice and Verona, Vicenza is set against a backdrop of mountains. Vicenza, known as the great Palladian city (from the famous 16th-century architect, Andrea Palladio), is celebrated the world over for its splendid and varied architecture. It also offers visitors elegant shops and cafes. Palladio was responsible for at least a dozen of its city palaces, not to mention countless villas in the surrounding countryside. Palladio's main works include Palazzo Chierati, the Teatro Olimpico and on a hill just outside of town, the famous Villa Rotonda.

The impressive array of Palladian buildings belies the fact that the city was heavily bombed during World War II. Contemporary Vicenza is sleek and smug; the city center, partly bounded by medieval walls, feels a world away from the city's current source of wealth, a "silicon valley" electronics industry.

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