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The Anatomy Theatre of the University of Padua Veneto Italy
Villa Piovene Porto Godi Vicenza Veneto Italy
Juliet Staue in Verona Veneto Italy
Venetian mask at the Carnival Veneto Italy
Olimpic Theatre Vicenza Veneto Italy
Saint Mark s Basilica Venice Veneto Italy
Concert in the Arena Verona Veneto Italy
Pandoro the traditional Christmas cake from Veneto Italy
Typical Mortadella from Veneto gastronomy Italy
Golf course in Veneto Italy
Sandy beaches on the Adriatic coast Veneto Italy
Live chess game in Marostica Veneto Italy
Lake Garda Veneto Italy
Relax on the Lake Garda shores Veneto Italy
Sant'Antonio Basilica in Padova Veneto Italy
Medieval festival Veneto Italy
Traditional handmade baskets Veneto Italy
Artisan working with the straw Veneto Italy
Scrovegni Chapel Padova Veneto Italy
Padova historic center Veneto Italy
Fenice Theatre Venice Veneto Italy
Musicians during the Carnival Venice Veneto Italy
Saint Mark s Basilica Venice Veneto Italy
Small bridge on the canal Venice Veneto Italy
Sunset on the Laguna Venice Veneto Italy
Saint Mark s Basilica detail Venice Veneto Italy
View on the Laguna Venice Veneto Italy
Small Canal in Venice Veneto Italy
Venetian Calle Venice Veneto Italy
Colorful boat on the canal Venice Veneto Italy
Small canal in Venice Veneto Italy
Traditional liver with onions in Veneto Italy
Signori square in Vicenza Veneto Italy
Inside the Olimpic Theatre Vicenza Veneto Italy
Winged Lion in Signori square Vicenza Veneto Italy
Ski resort in Veneto Italy
Handicrafts from Veneto Italy
Woodden handicrafts from Veneto Italy
Golf course in Veneto Italy
Mountain Pastures in Veneto Italy
Asparagus from Veneto Italy
Cheeses from Veneto Italy
Traditional gastronomy from Veneto Italy
Veneto traditional gastronomy Italy
Veneto traditional gastronomy Italy
Small Alpine lake on the Veneto Alps Italy
Juliet s balcony in Verona Veneto Italy
Street artists in Verona Veneto Italy
Weekly market in Verona Veneto Italy
Verona historic center Veneto Italy


From the rocky foothills of the Dolomites to the fertile valleys of the Po River, Veneto has a diverse geography that makes it a fascinating area to discover. The mountains of Veneto have a rare beauty. The majestic Dolomites, seen from Cortina 'Ampezzo, the famous holiday resort in the province of Belluno, are a fabulous spectacle. Here you'll find medieval castles and modern skiing resorts, foothills dotted with charming towns and lined with picturesque world-class vineyards. And the whole area of the river Po delta, in the province of Rovigo, is a unique environment of exceptional natural interest.

Veneto is bordered to the south by the Adriatic, with its beaches and ports, and provides a contrast with the area's gently rolling countryside, the vast stretch of Lake Garda (Lago di Garda) on the west, flanked by lemon and olive groves, and the many attractive resorts and ancient towns throughout the region.

Veneto will enchant you with both its fascinating nature and the art and culture of its marvelous cities.


Venice, (Venezia), the city of lagoons, is a city we have all traveled to, if only in our imagination! Venice is truly an eclectic combination of pleasures. Celebrated the world over for its splendid and varied architecture, home of elegant shops and cafes, and the famous Carnevale, Venice (Venezia) is one of the few cities in the world that can be described as unique.


Despite comparisons with Venice, the lovely fortified city of Treviso has its own distinctive character. Treviso's balconied houses and porticoed streets are criss-crossed by picturesque canals and filled with beautiful medieval palaces. Visit scholarly and vivacious Padua (Padova) with its ancient university. It ranks with Florence and Bologna as one of the main Italian center of learning and has outstanding architecture and museums. Verona, with its rich Roman and Etruscan past, is an aesthetically pleasing provincial city, with streets paved with marble. Verona is also well known as the setting for Shakespeare's timeless love story, Romeo and Juliet. Don't miss the massive 1st-century AD Arena, which is still the setting for major events, and the Piazza Erbe with its colorful market.


Lying equal distant between Venice and Verona, Vicenza is set against a backdrop of mountains and is homeland of the great Palladio, a leading 16th-century architect, who was responsible for at least a dozen of the city's palaces and countless villas in the countryside. Partly bounded by medieval walls, Vicenza balances its classical image with its current source of wealth, a "silicon valley" electronics industry.

Whether you choose to follow the Palladian villa trail, succumb to the romance of Romeo and Juliet in Verona, or enjoy the uniqueness of Venice, Veneto offers you a vast variety of picturesque scenery and historic cities.

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