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Langhe countryside Piedmont Italy
Front door of S. Andrea Church Vercelli Piedmont Italy
Valentino Castle Turin Piedmont Italy
Observatory Regina Margherita Piedmont Italy
Ivrea Carnival Piedmont Italy
Ivrea Carnival Piedmont Italy
Orange throwing at the Ivrea Carnival Piedmont Italy
Orange throwing at the Ivrea Carnival Piedmont Italy
Medieval Castle on the river in Piedmont Italy
City center on the river Piedmont Italy
Dining room at the Palazzo Reale Piedmont Italy
Frescoes on the voulted ceiling Piedmont Italy
Detail of the voulted ceiling of a church Piedmont Italy
Detail of a church in Alessandria Piedmont Italy
Historic center of Alessandria Piedmont Italy
Little church in the countryside Piedmont Italy
Typical Cacciatori Piedmont Italy
Typical handmade ravioli Piedmont Italy
Detail of the pediment S. Nazario church Piedmont Italy
Lake Maggiore Piedmont Italy
Stupinigi Palace Turin Piedmont Italy
Museum of art in Turin Piedmont Italy
San Lorenzo church Turin Piedmont Italy
Regio Theatre in Turin Piedmont Italy
Gianduiotti chocolates Piedmont Italy
Inside one of the historical caffe in Turin Piedmont Italy
Fine chocolate candies Piedmont Italy
The Alps surrounding Turin Piedmont Italy
The rich gastronomy of Piedmont Italy
Typical red wines Piedmont Italy
Typical cheeses Piedmont Italy
Fine truffle Piedmont Italy
Hazelnut chocolate Piedmont Italy
Delicious hot chocolat Piedmont Italy
Regio Theatre Turin Piedmont Italy
Palazzo Reale in Turin Piedmont Italy
View on the Po river in Turin Piedmont Italy
Wine barrels Piedmont Italy
Golf course Piedmont Italy
Skiing on the Alps Piedmont Italy
Rice fields in Piedmont Italy
San Bernardo church Vercelli Piedmont Italy
Rice fields around Vercelli Piedmont Italy
Snow on the Alps in Piedmont Italy
Sestriere in the Alps Piedmont Italy
Delicious Baci di Dama Piedmont Italy
Winter sunset on the Langhe region Piedmont Italy
Fall in the countryside around Alessandria Piedmont Italy
Morning fog in the countryside Piedmont Italy
Wine barrels Piedmont Italy
Palio of Asti Piedmont Italy
Palio of Asti Piedmont Italy
Palio of Asti Piedmont Italy
Countryside around Asti Piedmont Italy
The Langhe region Piedmont Italy
Winter in the Langhe region Piedmont Italy


Piedmont (Piemonte) is a large located in northwestern Italy and borders the countries of France and Switzerland. This area is mostly mountainous and is surrounded by some of the highest mountains in Europe. Piemonte is crossed by the largest river in Italy which is the Po'.

Most residents of the region reside in the plains of Piemonte or Langhe which means "strips of land". The plains of Piemonte are home to wild life, wild flowers and vineyards. The lower part of the plains is covered with unusually shaped hills said to have been created centuries ago when the area was once covered by the Tetide Ocean. These lower areas of the Langhe are also home to the vineyards of the region and have historically been one of the most important centers of wine production in the world. Agriculture is an important part of the Piemonese economy and products such as rice, wine, maize, potatoes and the white truffle of Alba are greatly relied on. Car industries such as Fiat have added to the wealth of the region and added a metropolitan flair to the city.


Piedmont (Piemonte) is composed of towns which include: Turin, Lake Maggiore Asti, Vercelli, Alba and Casale Monferrato. The following pages will take you through a journey exploring the unique heritage and cultures of each of these ancient cities which make up the distinct region known as Piedmont. This is a picturesque land well-known for its expansive vineyards, hills and lakes. It is also one of the largest regions of Italy occupying a great portion of the northwestern section of Italy. Turin serves as the capital of Pedmont (Piemonte) and once served as the central point of the Savoy Dynasty. Remnants of this historic dynasty still stand today and include: the Royal Palace, the Madama Palace, the Carignano Palace and the Valentino Castle which are all located in the center of the city. Piemonte also plays host to unique art and archeological collections which can be viewed at the Egyptian Museum and the Royal Armory. Turino is also home of the Holy Shroud and various other religious monuments.


The region of Piedmont offers endless options for recreation, tourism, culinary delights and wine tasting. Whether hiking the trails of scenic Lake Maggiore, skiing, admiring the artistic works of the region, or sampling the delightful meats, truffles and wines of Piedmont. Every visitor is certain to experience the "vacation of a lifetime" in this beautiful land.


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