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Culture of Rome 


Sunset in Rome Italy
Interior of Pantheon Rome Italy
View of Saint Peter's Square Rome Italy
Detail of Sistine Chapel Rome Italy
Pope at Vatican City Rome Italy
Roman Holiday movie set in Rome Italy


This description page of Rome, in the Italian region of Lazio, will guide you in planning your trip to Italy and help you find useful travel information about the culture of this Italian city.


Rome is the capital city of three of the world's most famous cultures. As the former seat of ancient Roman Civilization, it contains some of the most renowned painting, sculpture, and architecture on earth, bringing thousands of archeologists, scholars, and artists to its piazzas and ruins each year. As the spiritual and political center of the Catholic Church, it is home to more than twenty international relief and peace organizations and a common destination for Christian pilgrims. As the bustling capital of the Italian state, it is home to numerous governmental and educational institutions and attracts Italians from all over the country, as well as immigrants worldwide.


Rome (Roma) is a city that will keep you busy and entertained at all times. For people interested in art, music, history, and religion, there are few cities in the world that offer more. The city itself boasts over 900 churches. However, if you were to only visit one, spend a day at the Vatican. St. Peter's Cathedral is one of the largest and most ornately decorated cathedrals found anywhere in the world. In and around this exquisitely decorated church, you will finds works of art from Renaissance Masters such as Michelangelo, Bernini, and Raphael. In the Vatican Museums next to St. Peter's visitors have a chance to see one of the finest art collections in the world!


As you stroll through this remarkable city you are walking in the footsteps of the Caesars, St. Peter, Charlemagne, the Popes, and Michelangelo! Whatever your interests are, Rome has something special for you. See the art and architecture of the ages, shop for the latest fashions or sit in a sidewalk cafe' and drink in the atmosphere.


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