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Mountain hut in Sella Nevea Friuli Venezia Giulia Italy
Carsic river in Friuli Venezia Giulia Italy

Friuli Venezia Giulia Things to Do

Every trip to Italy is an endless journey into culture and beauty. No other country in the world can boast the cultural and artistic treasures of Italy. More than half of the historical and artistic heritage is found in Italy. Evidence can be seen in every village. There are so many art treasures of such quality, spread across the country that Italy can rightly be considered an "open air" art gallery.


Each year is packed with special events, some linked to festivals of the Catholic Church, others to the changing seasons. Every little village in Italy has its own wonderful festivals. Many are associated with the harvest (especially wine) or to local products (polenta, prosciutto). The remainder tends to be historical re-enactments linked to jousting or to costumed cavalcades.


Art and culture, the pleasures of good food and music, traditional crafts and expressions of collective religion, folklore and contemporary art, opera and operetta, concert and theater seasons, in Italy the calendar of festivals and events is practically endless.



Cultural events



San Daniele del Friuli, last week of August

Prosciutto Festival.


Ciconicco di Fagagna, Good Friday

Passion Pageants.


Historical Boat Parade through the Lagoon, July

Historical Pageant and Parade, July

Zuglio, May

Kiss The Cross Pageant and Procession to the mountainside church of S. Pietro.


Historical Donkey Race and Horse Race, September


Medieval Procession and Boat Parade, June and August

Mac Festival, June

Renaissance Pageant and Parade, September


Osei Hunters' Festival, August

Folkest Demonstrations of Local Folklore, July

Nozze Carsiche, August

Historical 3-Day Wedding Ceremony, culminating in a real wedding followed by a town feast.


San Rocco Festival, August

Antique bell concert.


Virgin Mary's Birthday, September

Historical Re-enactment of the Turkish Invasion.


Costumed Kangaroo Court, February

Pignarul Giant Bonfire Festival, January

Historical Pageant and Costume Parade, January

Messa del Tallero Medieval Pageant, January

Medieval games, pageant, parade and concerts, August

Historical re-enactment of Charlemagne's arrival in the city, with a costumed parade around the castle and a donkey.


La Fementate Bonfire, January



Outdoor markets



Gradisca d'Isonzo, Parco Comunale, August 15

Flower market


Gradisca d'Isonzo, November and December

Big antique and handcrafts flea market.


Gorizia, Downtown, December 10 to 20

Antique and handcrafts market.


Pordenone, Historic town, Vittorio Emanuele and piazza Municipio, last weekend of the month except in June, July, August and December

Antique market specializing in jewelry and graphics.


Trieste, near piazza Unita' and piazza della Borsa, third weekend of the month except in July and August

About 50 stands. All sorts of objects, prints, furniture, medals from the Austrian - Hungarian empire.


Udine, Piazza Matteotti, first weekend of the month except in January, July and August

Antique market with about 50 stands.


San Daniele del Friuli, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and Historic Town, last Sunday of the month

Antique market with about 40 stands.



Major festivals



Horn of Rosazzo, Festival of Wines of the Necks Orients, May

Faedis, Strawberry and Wine Festival, June

Cividale of the Friuli, Civitas (wine festival), July

Dolegna of the Collio, Festival Wheel;

Manzano, Peach and Wine Festival, August

Cormons, Grape-Harvest Festival, September

Gorizia, Eurovite, the grapevine stock show, December



Special events



La Messa dello Spadone, January, Cividale del Friuli

A religious ceremony performed with a sword dating from 1366 and inscribed with the name of the then patriarch, Marquando von Radeck. Preceded by a procession in 14th century costume.


Il Pignarul, January, Tarcento

The magic king light a bonfire in the castle of Conja and the local people follow suit all around Tarcento.


Cantine Aperte, last weekend May, Across the region

A national event but the cantinas of Friuli Venezia Giulia are especially popular with visitors from northern Europe.


Ruralia, First week Octover, Gorizia

Dedicated to DOP and IGP typical products, the event is also a window on ancient and autoctoni wines. Also includes the Salone delle Specialita'  Agroalimentari  DOP and  IGP, the Mostra-mercato dei prodotti agroalimentari di qualita'  Vinum lo' and the Rassegna Nazionale dei Vini Autoctoni.


Notte dei Muss, Ash Wednesday, Resia

A puppet is put on trial and found guilty of heinous crimes. A week later children riding donkeys indulge in petty "pilfering".


Il Perdon di Barbana, 1st Sunday July, Grado

A statue of the Madonna degli Angeli is accompanied to the nearby Barbana island to remember the end of the plague of 1237.


Pumpkin Festival, Last weekend in October, Venzone (Udine)

The zucca in this part of Italy come in various shapes and sizes. Look out for the badrucca above all.



Skiing and hiking




Mountainous territory that straddles the border between Austria and Slovenia.



It is an area of outstanding beauty.


Circolo ippico Alpe Adria, Trieste

Horseback riding stable.


Strada Vicentina, Trieste

Hiking trail.


Val Rosandra, Trieste

Historic site; hiking trail.


Grotta Gigante, Trieste



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