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Pumpkin dish Parma Italy
Parma Ham Italy
Cathedral Square Parma Italy
Certosa of Parma cloister Italy
Cathedral Bell Tower Parma Italy
Statues by Sileno Ducal Palace gardens Parma Italy
Gastronomy Parma Italy
Road Bike trails in Parma Italy
Horse riding near Parma Italy
Parma by night Italy
Garibaldi Square in Parma Italy
Gardens in Parma Italy
Parma Verdi choir head office Italy
Monument to Giuseppe Verdi Parma Italy
Saint Maria Church Parma Italy
NIcolo Paganini's Tomb Parma Italy
Parma glimpse Italy
Parma Baptistery Italy
Dome in the Baptistery Parma Italy
Bas relief by Antelami in Parma Italy
Parma Saint Paul's Room Dome by Correggio Italy
Detail of Correggio's Dome Parma Italy
Church in Parma Countryside Italy
Certosa di Parma with snow Italy
Medieval column capital in Parma Italy
Frescos in Parma Italy
Fresco by Correggio in Parma Cathedral Italy
Glimpse on Parma Cathedral Italy
Cathedral and Bell Tower Parma Italy
Parma Cathedral interior Italy
Apse of Cathedral Parma Italy
Architecture in Parma Italy
Arcades Parma Italy
Ducal Palace Parma Italy
Garibaldi square in Parma Italy
Medieval building Parma Italy
Medieval architecture in Parma Italy
Arcades in Ravenna Italy
Cathedral Square Parma Italy
Parma by night Italy
Garibaldi Square Parma Italy
Farnese Theater in Parma Italy
Crypt in Parma Italy
Glimpse of Farnese Theater Parma Italy
Regio Theater in Parma Italy
Parma Countryside Italy
Roofs of Parma Italy
Old houses in Parma Italy
Flea Market in Parma Italy
Giuseppe Verdi born near Parma Italy
Typical food Parma Italy
Handmade Fresh Tortelli Parma Italy
Parma Ham Cellar Aging Metods
Parma Ham Cured Inspection
Parmesan Cheese Traditional Making Parma
Coppa Cured Meat Dish Parma Italy


The second city in Emilia-Romagna after Bologna, and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Parma is nestled in the valley of the Po River. A city with almost 200,000 inhabitants (and just as many in the surrounding provinces), Parma is split from west to east by Via Emilia.

The heart of the city is Piazza Garibaldi, which stands on the site of the former Roman court.

With splendid churches, artworks, and grand opera, Parma is also one of Italy's great art cities. The city's 12th-century Duomo, whose magnificent frescoed dome was painted by Correggio, is flanked by a 13th century Gothic bell tower and an exquisite Parma pink marble baptistery. You can see the masterpieces of Benedetto Antelami (1177-1233), the great sculptor who created the statues and reliefs at the baptistery and has been called "the greatest and most original work of the Italian Romanesque."

Capital of Italy's famous "food valley" Parma reigns supreme for its culinary delights: Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and Parma ham, Balsamic vinegar, white truffles, and porcini mushroom.

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