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L'Aquila Abruzzo Cloister
L'Aquila Abruzzo historical center
L'Aquila Abruzzo Church decorations
L'Aquila Abruzzo inner courtyard
L'Aquila Abruzzo 99 cannelle fountain
L'Aquila Abruzzo city theater
L'Aquila Abruzzo snow shoe
L'Aquila Abruzzo hand made laces
L'Aquila Abruzzo 99 cannelle fountain
L'Aquila Abruzzo traditional pottery
L'Aquila Abruzzo well in courtyard
L'Aquila Abruzzo narrow street
L'Aquila Abruzzo Castle by night
L'Aquila Abruzzo food
L'Aquila Abruzzo Collemaggio Basilica
L'Aquila Abruzzo Spanish Fortress
L'Aquila Abruzzo gastronomy
L'Aquila Abruzzo historical re enactment
L'Aquila Abruzzo flag flyers


The Gran Sasso with its majestic tops plus the Aterno's Valley with its plateaus, forests, coves, lakes, and spring water combine to form a charming natural atmosphere in which the genius of the man has left its tracks with works that defy the centuries.  All the places speak about history, art, spirituality and ancient civilization.  The propitious atmosphere for the cult of the tradition is evidenced in its simple cuisine, poetry of the folklore and purity of its handicraft.  These are the flavors of L'Aquila earth that will satisfy you.

Abruzzo's capital lies at the foot of the Gran Sasso, whose peak, at 9596 ft, is the highest point of the Italian mainland south of the Alps.


The medieval L'Aquila is an intriguing town in its own right, as well as making an ideal base for travelling around the rest of Abruzzo. The name means "the eagle", the symbol of empire. In fact the city was founded by Emperor Frederick II in 1240 as a bulwark against the popes.

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