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Pasticciotto Pastry Lecce Apulia
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Lecce Food & Wine

An exemplary example of the Mediterranean diet, the cuisine in Lecce is full of fresh vegetables, fish, handmade pastas, and delicious desserts. Any citizen in the city tells you that no matter where you go, the food is excellent, and it is true! With grilled eggplant, tomatoes, onions, seafood, breads, and delicious olive oils, you will not know what to start with first.
One of the town’s specialty dishes is orecchiette, little hat-shaped pastas that are often mixed with a broad bean sauce that is often paired with shrimp or monkfish. Another dish, rustic Leccese, is a delicious salty cake made of flaky pasta that is filled with mozzarella, tomatoes, pepper, and béchamel sauce. There is also puccia, a delightful olive studded bread that is fabulous when paired with anything! Burrata, a soft and creamy cheese made locally is also a must for sampling. For dessert, the pasticcioto is a tasty pastry cake filled with cream and eaten warm. Of course, your trip would not be complete without a visit to a quintessential Italian almond patisserie.
The region has been one of the largest wine producing regions in the country. The local wines are broad when it comes to the taste spectrum. You can find sweet sparkling wines, which are fruity and light, while other wines are strong and bold. The most common varieties you will encounter are the Bombino Bianco (a white grape variety) and the Primitivo (a bold red wine).  The wines are exceptionally paired with the cuisine and you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to Lecce’s restaurants.

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