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A glimpse of Treviso Italy
The temple of Canova in Possagno near Treviso Italy
An architectural detail in Treviso Italy

Treviso History

The Roman Tarvisium of the Claudia tribe, Treviso, inhabited since the Bronze Age, became a municipality between 49 BC and the 1st Century AD. The plain north side of the city, between the Montello hills and the river Piave is where the dominion of Treviso was occupied. The city flourished under the leadership of the Goths and the Longobards, and by them was turned into a duchy.


The city fell under tyranny of Ezzelino and Alberico da Romano in 1237. It was freed again after their death; however, soon after came the disputes between Ghibellines and Guelphs. In 1283, Gherardo da Camino, who was the captain of the Guelphs, became lord of the city. He governed in such a way that his valor earned him fame.


This was followed by the dominance of the counts of Gorizia and other imperial vicars. Between 1328 and 1339, Treviso was ruled by the Scaliger family and passed to the rule of Leopold of Austria in 1381, who sold it to the Carraresi of Padua (Padova) in 1384. It was then conquered by Visconti until 1389. Treviso then joined the Republic of Venice (Venezia), who offered long and prosperous peace in exchange for faithfulness.

In 1797 Napoleon's armed forces took power. It passed under the rule of Austria, then to the Italic Kingdom in 1805, and back under Austria in 1813. It followed Venice in the revolution against the Austrians in 1848, but surrendered on the 14th of June.

It was on July 15, 1866, that the Italian Bersaglieri (light infantry), entered the city. During World War I, it suffered air bombings and more during World War II when heavy bombing destroyed many public buildings and monuments of great historical and artistic interest.



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