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cave fountain Basilicata Italy
Matera Basilicata Italy
Arts and crafts Basilicata Italy

Basilicata Things to Do

Leisure and Sport


Basilicata is a perfect region for the mountain biking and trekking thanks to its mountainous and hilly territory.

Its coastline offers a lot of water activities as well.




In Basilicata there is an old tradition in handicraft. There are the hand-made artistic objects, made with wood, iron, copper and rushes.

Among the wood items, there are sculptures representing tales about bandits, hunting and traditional folk characters; ornaments for the handles of forks, and spoons and knives.

The women took pleasure in lace-making and embroidery for church ornaments or for their personal use. Venosa is particularly renowned for pottery and basketwork with cane, wicker, straw and rushes.   


Tradition and Festivals


Cultural traces from all the various populations who have settled there throughout the centuries are lovingly preserved by the Lucanians, often in the form of colorful and vivid usages and costumes. Folkloristic manifestations from different periods co-exist harmoniously. Some country towns, for example, still preserve traces of the Longboard custom of Morning Gift: a tradition between the couples newly married, traces of the Saracens with Turkish Parade celebrate in Potenza the day before the festival of St Gerard, the patron saint of the city.

The Procession of the Mysteries is held in Barile on Good Friday, a parade with enchanting characters from the Albanian tradition. The May ceremony is very popular, and its most ancient version is to be found in Accettura. This rite derives from the belief that trees are similar to living beings, and they are therefore able to come together in an act of love. The pieces of tree are carried about the town in a lively and fascinating festival, and their union is celebrated. Similar rites are performed in Rotonda, Castel Saraceno and Garaguso. There are also many holy festivals, such as the Corpus Domini in Nemoli, where the main street is carpeted by broom flowers patterned into ostensories and chalices covered by rose petals.

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