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Typical food Basilicata Italy

Basilicata Food & Wine

Food (Cibo)


The Basilicata cooking tradition has been influenced by the history of the region, which had been isolated for centuries, making the cuisine completely local in origin and made from humble ingredients.


One of the basic cooking elements found all over the region is pork, used both as meat and as dressing: galantine of pigskin, trotters and snout, stewed peppers with pork, and blood pudding cake. The charcuterie has been renowned throughout the centuries.

Herbs and vegetables play an extremely important role in Lucanian recipes, among them: rosemary, pennyroyal, sorrel, rue, cumin, wild fennel and small wild onions.

The various types of homemade pasta: strascinati, orecchiette, maccheroni inferrattati and cavatelli, are usually served with meat sauce with n'truppic, which are small pieces of chopped meat, not minced.  


Olive oil is produced on the hills around Volture, Ferrandina and Matera. There is a wide and tempting variety of mushrooms, as well as white and black and truffles. The region produces significant quantities of apricots, apples, strawberries, forest fruits, and chestnuts, as well as numerous vegetables and legumes.


Wine (Vino)


Among the wines, the most famous is the Aglianico del Vulture red Doc wine. But Spumante varieties, such as Moscato and Malvasia, and the robust red Roccanova are also good.

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