Custom Vacation to Turin and Piedmont Castles | Vacation Packages for 2021 – 2022

This independent itinerary will help travelers discover the heart of Turin, a stately city in northern Italy with an illustrious history. As the first capital of Italy and a key political hub for many centuries, Turin's affluence can be observed in its ornate architecture composed of unique landmarks and historical palaces, such as the Palazzo Madama and the Palazzo Reale. Not to be missed are the city's eminent museums such as the National Cinema Museum and the Egyptian Museum, among the most important of its kind. Take a day to explore the surrounding area where you will discover refined former residences and hunting lodges of the the Savoy Royal Family, the past Kings of Italy. The travel itinerary features one private guided walking tour in Turin to help you become acquainted with the historical city center. The rest of the travel package allows for leisure time to discover Turin and its rich surroundings independently. Further tours or activities can be added according to particular interests such as historical walking tours, food tours or wine tastings. No matter what you choose to see, be sure to savor your time in Turin, a remarkable city unlike any other in Italy.