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Rolling hills in Volterra countryside Italy
A view of Volterra main square Italy
A sculpture with alabaster from Volterra Italy
The interior of Priori Palace in Volterra Italy
The Buonparenti tower house in Volterra Italy
A view of Volterra from the countryside Italy
A fortification near Volterra Italy
A glimpse of Volterra Italy
Hay fields outside Volterra Italy
Vineyards near Volterra Italy
Volterra and its green countryside Italy
The church of Santi Giusti and Clemente in Volterra Italy
The fortress in Volterra Italy
Rolling hills near Volterra Italy
Volterra city gate with Etruscan sculptures Italy
An Etruscan urn at Guarnacci Museum Volterra Italy
Towers and churches of Volterra Italy
The historical archive in Volterra Italy
The Cappella della Croce in Volterra Italy
The interior of Volterra Cathedral Italy
Coat of arms in Volterra Priori Palace Italy
A room in Volterra Priori palace Italy
Inside Guarnacci Museum Volterra Italy
Fiorentina city gate in Volterra Italy
Overview of Volterra Italy
Volterra Cathedral Italy
The Roman theater in Volterra Italy
The Cathedral bell tower in Volterra Italy
Carnival in Volterra Italy
Historical festival in Volterra Italy


This original Etruscan hilltop settlement, sitting atop an enormous bluff and surrounded by strong walls is a jewel of Roman, Etruscan, medieval, and Renaissance art. It is a city of magnificent vistas from farmlands to mountain views.  Writer D. H. Lawrence once described Volterra as a city that sits, "on a towering great bluff that gets all the winds and sees all the world."


A city of importance during the Etruscan era and one of the largest centers in Etruria's 12-city confederation in 4 BC, the Etruscans left beautiful bronzes and a large collection of alabaster funerary urns depicting their impeccable skill in carving the translucent and exquisite white alabaster.  The art continues to flourish in artisan workshops throughout Volterra.


Rich in alabaster, an important industry of the city, and in mineral waters, such as those of S. Felice and the Moie, or salt springs, even more important are the Soffioni of Larderello, from which boric acid is extracted, the sulphur lake of Monterotondo, the copper springs of Caporciano, and the baths of Montecatini.

A stroll along the streets of the historic center or a visit to the three city museums,  the Etruscan Museum, City Art Gallery and Museum of Sacred Art,  validates that history has left its marks on Volterra.  And in concert with its ancient treasures is the city's natural beauty that can be enjoyed on foot, horseback or bicycle.

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