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Historic building in Campobasso Italy
Traditional folklore from Campobasso Italy
Monforte castle Campobasso Italy
Madonna by Paolo S. Di Zinno Campobasso Italy
Roman ruins outside Campobasso Italy
The church in the main square Campobasso Italy
Traditional specialities from Campobasso Italy
Fresh cheeses Campobasso Italy
Traditional handmade garment Campobasso Italy
Traditional folklore nerby Campobasso Italy
Traditional Pizzichendò festival nearby Campobasso Italy
Religious celebration nerby Campobasso Italy
Traditional folklore nerby Campobasso Italy
Ancient amphora from Campobasso Italy
Larino Cathedral nerby Campobasso Italy
Inside S. Maria a Mare church  in Campomarino Campobasso Italy
San Giorgio church nearby Campobasso Italy
Santa Maria della Strada church nearby Campobasso Italy
Inside the Trivento Cathedral near Campobasso Italy
Fresh seafood from Campobasso Italy
Prefettura square Campobasso Italy
Delicata Civerra Tower Campobasso Italy
San Antonio Abate church Campobasso Italy


Campobasso is the capital of Molise. Though the town has more than fifty thousand inhabitants, it still maintains its original human dimension. It is generally held to be of Longobard origin, but the remains of polygonal walls which have come to light on the flank of the hillside seem to indicate an older Samnite settlement.


Castello Monforte on the top of the hill reminds us of feudal times, with particular reference to Nicola Monforte, a supporter of John of Anjou in 1459 who was later forced to flee to France. The town is still composed of the old part, the district built under Murat and the more modern developments in different directions. Sights worth seeing include the Samnite Museum and the Fair of the Mysteries, which are living pictures on "machines" built by Paolo Saverio Di Zinno in 1740, representing the Christian mysteries.

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