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Reggio Calabria beach Italy
Aragonese Castle Reggio Calabria Italy
Riace bronze at Reggio Calabria museum Italy
Reggio Calabria Cathedral Italy
Fishing Reggio Calabria Italy
Blue Sea Reggio Calabria Italy
Typical food Reggio Calabria Italy
Sea panoramic view Reggio Calabria Italy
Madonna della Consolazione procession Reggio Calabria Italy
Reggio Calabria Folklore Italy
Outdoor concert Reggio Calabria Italy
Flavors of Reggio Calabria Italy
Athena Monument Reggio Calabria Italy
Seafront Reggio Calabria Italy
Religious procession in Reggio Calabria Italy
Local veggie soup Reggio Calabria Italy
Fresh food of Reggio Calabria Italy
Reggio Calabria coast Italy

Reggio Calabria

Reggio Calabria, which is the largest town of Calabria and also the main centre of commerce, stands in a splendid position on the eastern coast of the Strait of Messina, where the strait opens into the Ionian Sea. It enjoys an exceptionally mild climate all the year round and, for this reason, is a popular climatic and seaside resort.
The city’s origins are very antique (743 BC), but the combined destructive forces of man and nature, in the form of earthquakes and devastation have wiped out any remains of antique splendor.
After the catastrophic earthquake in 1908, the city was rebuilt and now is elegant and harmonious. The city planning is in the form of a “chessboard”, characterized by long streets, which run parallel to and cross each other, beginning at the seafront Via Marina and leading up to the upper quarters.
The road along the seafront was defined by D’Annunzio as being “the most beautiful kilometer in Italy.” The center of the town is, in fact, very beautiful.

The entire area is embellished with flowerbeds full of precious species and from here you can admire the wonderful view which encompasses the Straits of Messina, Sicily and, overlooking all of this, the volcano Etna. The sea continuously changes color shifting from green to cobalt blue, from blue to the violet shade of sunset, and as a result, the city is now called “the rainbow of Italy”. Sometimes certain meteorological conditions give rise to a phenomenon, which is called locally the “Fata Morgana”. This phenomenon creates the impression that, due to reflections on the sea, an imaginary city is shimmering out in the distance.

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