The Spectacular Boats of Venice’s Regatta

Venice_Historical_Regatta_blgWe previously published an article giving a brief overview of the historic regatta that occurs in Venice every first Sunday in September, but the colorful boats that participate in the regatta each year are certainly worthy of their own article. From the very beginning, boats are the true stars of this event thanks to the opening procession of antique 16th century ships. Participating in the procession are the long Bissone boats, which are shaped like ancient warships and nicknamed “snakes”, and a recreation of the massive Bucentaur, which was the official barge of the Doge. Continue reading "The Spectacular Boats of Venice’s Regatta"

Italian Culture: Luminara Festival of San Ranieri in Pisa

Pisa, Italy. City streets illuminated for San Ranieri LuminaraFor the people of Pisa, June is a time for celebrations. There are many festivities and cultural events during this month; in the city under the leaning tower, in fact, this period is known as “Giugno Pisano” (The June of Pisa). From the Festival of San Ranieri to the Game of the Bridge, passing through The San Ranieri Regatta, and also, every four years, through The Regatta of the Marine Republics (Venice, Amalfi, Pisa, Genova), Pisa becomes one of the most bustling and vivid cities in Italy for an entire month. Continue reading "Italian Culture: Luminara Festival of San Ranieri in Pisa"