Murano Island Venice Glass artisan shop

Murano Artisan Glass tile Venice ItalyWhen in Venice, be sure to visit the Island of Murano, home to artisan glass shops where unique handmade glass products have been produced for thousands of years, using the same ancient techniques particular to Murano glass making . From simple small glass figurines available in different colors to much more elaborate pieces such as chandeliers, there is something to suit everybody’s fancy and pockets while observing the glass-artisans at work is a unique experience!

The Historic Regatta in Venice

Venice Historical Regatta Italy Venice attracts  more visitors then usual in September. In fact, this is the time for the historic regatta (regata storica), a very popular festival, held  on the fist Sundays of the month. The Regatta is probably the main event in  the Venice calendar. A spectacular procession  of traditional boats decorated in 16th century style with gondoliers in period costume  go by along the Grand Canal. The view of this multicoloured parade is impressive and unforgettable. Continue reading "The Historic Regatta in Venice"