Cinque Terre Cooking and Trekking 4 Day Active Package | Vacation Packages for 2021 – 2022

The Italian Riviera, situated on Italy's northwestern coastline, offers unique opportunities for those travelers seeking an active vacation. With the small resort town of Levanto as your base, you will spend your days exploring this historical area and hiking in the nearby Cinque Terre National Park. Composed of five fishing villages poised on rocky cliffs above the sea and connected by hiking trails, the Cinque Terre area is famous for its picturesque seaside views and charming atmosphere. During this tour you will also have a day dedicated to a hands-on cooking class where you will learn the secrets behind some of the staples of the local cuisine, such as pesto. With a good balance between active time and time at leisure, this independent itinerary is among the best ways to enjoy the Cinque Terre and the rest of the Italian Riviera.