Cinque Terre Trekking Package 4 Day Active Package | Vacation Packages for 2021 – 2022

There's no other place quite like the Italian Riviera with its colorful fishermen villages suspended on cliffs, terraced vineyards and delicious local cuisine. This 4 day active travel package focuses specifically on one of the most famous areas in the Italian Riviera: the Cinque Terre. As a natural park composed of five fishing villages connected by hiking trails, the Cinque Terre area is an ideal setting for an active vacation immersed in nature. You will have plenty of time to explore these charming villages with a guide and at your own pace. There will also be a chance to visit other nearby coastal areas such as Portofino or the Gulf of Poets. Take your time exploring these legendary villages enjoying their charming atmosphere and taking in every detail during this active independent itinerary through the Cinque Terre.