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A view of Gubbio Italy
A souvenir shop in Gubbio Italy
Flag flyers in Gubbio Italy
Roman theater in Gubbio Italy
Porta Romana in Gubbio Italy
Arts and crafts in Gubbio Italy
The Ceri celebration in May in Gubbio Italy
Ducal Palace cloister in Gubbio Italy
Loggia dei Tiratori in Gubbio Italy
The crossbow palio in Gubbio Italy
Porcini mushrooms in Gubbio Italy
Hand made pasta in Gubbio Italy
Black truffle from Gubbio Italy
The world's biggest Christmas tree in Gubbio Italy
Hand made pottery in Gubbio Italy
Cast iron tradition in Gubbio Italy
An old codex from Gubbio Italy


Gubbio is located north of Assisi and twenty-five miles north of Perugia. Spread out along the foothills of Mt. Ingino, it has a commanding view of the fertile valley below.

Gubbio vies with Assisi for the title of Umbria's most medieval town. The beauty of its twisting streets and terracotta-tiled houses is enhanced by the imposing Apennines. Every one of its inhabitants' homes has a medieval origin, and the city itself is protected by medieval walls.


The town's famous Eugubine Tablets, the only existing record of the ancient Umbrian language, offers a window to Umbria's ancient history and provides important evidence of an Umbrian and Roman alliance against the invading Etruscans. The ruins of an amphitheater attest to the rule of the Roman emperors, and a splendid palazzos recalls years of subjugation under the powerful Dukes of Urbino.

With its smartly preserved medieval streets and rugged mountain setting, Gubbio's culture flourishes with local festivals and a strong tradition of ceramic making.

Gubbio's greatest distinction may lie in its school of painting or its favorite son Bosone Novello Raffaelli, Italy's first novelist.

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