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Blue Grotto Capri Italy
Faraglioni Beach Capri Italy
Piazzetta Capri Italy
Anacapri town Capri Italy
Boats Capri Italy
Capri Villa Jovis ruins
Capri rocky coast Italy
Villa Jovis ruins Capri Italy
Certosa San Giacomo Capri Italy
Faraglioni Capri Italy
Emerald sea Capri Italy
Inside Blue Grotto Capri Italy
Panoramic view Capri Italy
Pine trees Capri Campania Italy
Capri overlook Italy
Capri cliffs Italy
Capri Italy
Capri cable railway Italy
Capri panoramic view Italy
Capri Marina Grande Italy


Referred to as southern its finest jewel, Capri is one of the loveliest and most popular of all tourist destinations in Italy. About 3 miles off the coast of Naples (Napoli), you will discover an enchanting island with its craggy cliffs, white beaches, charming villas, olive groves, fragrant lemon trees, narrow winding roads, garden terraces filled with flowers, and spectacular views of the blue water.

Capri's natural and manmade attractions are undeniable. The coastline, whose dolomite cliffs fall right to the sea in many spots, is dotted with countless caves and surrounded by reefs whose shapes suggest fantastic creations. Countless little paths and steps offer opportunities to explore the island on foot—most of the footpaths offer fantastic views!

You can reach the island by hydrofoil or by ferry. Capri has two main villages: Capri Town which lies on the eastern half of the island and Anacapri, a steep climb uphill from Capri Town. On arrival at the dock, you can ride a tramway up to the Capri Town where you’ll discover the famous Piazzetta Square (officially Piazza Umberto I) in the center of town. Basically an outdoor living room, crowded day and night and packed with tables, it is a good place to shop or enjoy a drink. Or take a walking tour of the town and discover the magnificent garden terraces, historic churches, and villas.


In Anacapri you can take a chair lift to Monte Solaro, the highest point on the island and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Bay of Naples (Napoli), where you’ll see Naples (Napoli) and Mt. Vesuvius repose in the distance.

For the adventurous, you may want to climb the Scala Fenicia, the steep path linking Anacapri to Capri Town that was begun by Greek colonists thousands of years ago. It is so steep that it is actually a staircase (scala means “stairs”) with over 500 steps.

On the south shore of the island is the Marina Piccola, a tiny harbor with a beach offering views of the three massive rocks of the famous jutting islands called Faraglioni.


Many such grottos ring the island—the most famous is the Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto), so named for the brilliance of the light reflection through the waters. Known to the ancients it was later lost to the world until an artist stumbled upon it in 1826. Inside the cavern, light refraction creates incredible colors and a magical atmosphere.

Once you experience Capri, you’ll know why it was a favorite of Emperor Augustus who discovered this magnificent place in 29 BC. Both Julius and Tiberious Caesar built summer villas in Capri and tourists have followed in their footsteps ever since.

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