The Treasures of Friuli Venezia Giulia Travel Package | Vacation Packages for 2021 – 2022


Though not visited as often by international travelers as other parts of Northern Italy, Friuli Venezia Giulia is a remarkable region with a vast history and impressive cultural and natural sights. Positioned in northeastern Italy along the borders with Slovenia to the east and Austria to the north, the region has long been influenced by adjacent cultures. The landscapes of the region are characterized by the Karst Plateau as well as mountains and the Adriatic Sea. Renowned for its wine, Friuli’s countryside is filled with hidden gems. The following itinerary focuses on local highlights, including the provincial capitals of Trieste, Gorizia, and Udine, as well as smaller, yet equally stunning areas, such as Aquileia, Grado, and Grotta Gigante. Do not miss your chance to get to know one of the most stunning regions of Northern Italy.