Sarah & Zach L. – Spring Honeymoon Italy Grand Tour

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Emily / Team,
Sarah and I are incredibly thankful to you all for helping to coordinate the honeymoon of a lifetime! Though there was a bit of a hiccup with our initial flight check-in (which was taken care of above and beyond!), the trip was quite honestly perfect.

Each one of our tours, guides, and experiences throughout the trip were incredibly memorable. From our adventures in Rome, the Papal Audience, to the Ancient Rome tour, and then in Florence the pizza and gelato class, walking tour, and all day trip to the Tuscany/Sienna region, and in Venice our tour of St. Marks Basilica, each day was something fun and different. We also appreciated the good mix of leisure time interwoven throughout the trip, and never felt like we were overbooked with activities. The freedom to explore or even revisit sites we saw in earlier tours was fun as well. And the thrill of finding a good restaurant to eat at- just a great time!

All of our provided transportation during the trip was appreciated as well- from our private car from the Rome airport to our hotel, the high speed trains which were fun to relax on (and especially enjoyed the first class seat upgrade) and our very early morning water taxi from our Venice hotel to the airport- bookended the trip with a no-worries trip (though the water taxi went quite fast across the water for 4:00am!)

Again, we cannot thank you enough. We do apologize for not writing sooner- life just picked up when returned and we havent had a moment until now to reply. But we greatly appreciate and your time and effort in helping to plan our perfect honeymoon! Well never forget our first trip abroad, and you helped make it possible!

Zach and Sarah