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"You are fantastic!!!! Were do I begin? Rome, was incredible, seen it all... loved the coliseum & of course the Vatican, loved the fountains, the people the food oh my God, the foodOrvieto was wonderful on to Radda a very small town known to Americans who like to ride their bicycles up the mountain, crazy, glad we had the car. beautiful sceanary, the vineyards were in full glory. Siena, what can I say, I fell in love! we missed the horse races by only hours (next tme). On to Florence, THE SHOPPING MECA! I'can't wait to go back there. Pisa was everything you said, but I'm glad we went. The Statue of David we put with Pisa it is one of those things you must do. Venice... glad we went after all it is the only city in the world on water... The Churches, gave me chills What can I say they were breath taking!! WE LOVED THE PEOPLE, FOOD, WINE, EVERYTHING ABOUT ITALY!!! Can't wait to do the beaches! You are great I will tell everyone about you!!!! Thanks for a life time of memories. I look forward to working with you again. Ciao"