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Tommaso,Finally, Amy and I connected Her Family Italy Vacation was wonderful. She couldnt say enough nice things about the trip, the plans and how great it was to have the private driver!!!!! YEAH!She wanted me to pass onto you that their guide in Rome Simon- was outstanding. He was great with the family and the kids. He definite added value to their tours. She was so pleased to have had such an informed and interesting guide. I guess he interacted with the kids, too. Sort of quizzed them on what they has seen. Lots of fun.Their favorite hotel was in Venice. They loved Venice. It was not what they had expected and were pleasantly surprised. Mr. N. admitted that they could never have seen and did everything, had they tried this alone. ?The loved the Midevel Village Tour and were very happy that it was done this wayThey had a wonderful time and she will happily refer my name onto others going to Italy!!!Very successful. Thank you for all your help I look forward to my next client going to Italy.