Mr. and Mrs. Norm & Lori M. – Honeymoon Italy

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We loved it!!!
We can't wait to go back one day.
It was everything we thought it would be and more and we definitely did not want to come home so soon. What did you see and do while you were there? We visited the Vatican, (amazing!) The ruins, Pantheon and the Coliseum. Everything was so large and overwhelming (in a good way). We also visited Florence and saw the statue of David at the Accademia museum. So many fantastic sights to see, food to eat and shopping.
We loved everything about Florence the most. It was fascinating to experience the Italian lifestyle from the narrow streets, the little shops, the many, many restaurants and how they extended into the streets for seating. Amazed at the lack of driving rules like we have in America. I like Italy's rules much better. LOL
Also loved that there wasn't music blaring everywhere. We sat and watched people often and noticed that how quiet it was yet still full of sounds. It was the sound of people visiting, walking, quiet traffic and local musicians playing in the piazza's. It was delightful and quite relaxing.
What did you dislike? Loved every minute of it.Just wanted to say thank you for making this the most enjoyable trip we've had. The treatment we received while in Italy from the hotel staff to the airlines was above and beyond our expectations.
The hotel staff at each hotel knew who we were as soon as we walked in the door and both hotels upgraded our rooms to ones with a private patio in Rome and a balcony in Florence.

I had a wonderful birthday on top of the honeymoon and everyone treated us like we were the only people there. Even the airlines brought us treats form the first class section and all the crew (not the pilots) came by to congratulate us on our honeymoon. This was on the trip home as our seats were separated. Norm visited the ticket agent before we got on the flight to see about changing out seats so we could sit together and they went as far as paging other passengers and asking them to move seats. And people DID!! It was awesome!! We honestly had the time of our lives and can't wait to go back some day. There is so much more we want to see next time.
Thank you again for treating us so well and making sure our honeymoon was perfect. We will never forget it or you and Trips2Italy. I'm definitely going to make sure I know more Italian next time. 🙂
You can count on us to spread the word about Trips2Italy. You all are wonderful!!
Ciao e Grazie!!
Mr. & Mrs. Norm and Lori M.