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" Where to start... ITALY WAS AMAZING!!! I LOVE ITALY! Rome breathtaking, historic, just a beautiful city. The people are beautiful and friendly. The city is beautiful. The tour guides were informative and friendly. I was just blown away by all the beautiful historic sites of the city. The food was amazing. I was not a wine drinker but now I am. The hotel staff was awesome, friendly, informative helpful, etc Naples: Another beautiful city and people. The tour guide was great. The restaurant wear we ate at were extremely friendly and accomodating, especially concerning my food allergies (I received a very nice because of it!) The food was tasty. I just felt the tour of the city was a little short but I understood why.Pompeii: was breathtaking. It was surreal that I was actually IN Pompeii. The tour guide, again, very informative. She did an amazing job fitting all that history in a short amount of time. She gave us time browse the local shopsThe country side is amazing!Venice: It was very nice. I did have a few mishaps in going to and in Venice. I actually missed my train going to Venice. I did not realize that there were no escalators or elevators in the train station, so struggling with my bags, I missed the train Howver, once I was at the hotel. The staff was great. They were friendly, helpful, informative and recommended great places to eatThe day of my birthday, when I entered the lobby that morning, the hotel staff stopped what they were doing and wished me happy birthday! I could do nothing but blush and smile. The manager(?), gave me a piece of cake. It was my second piece, as the night staff gave me a piece of cake as well, after midnight for my birthday. The staff was also a pleasure to talk to and recommened a local restaurant that I frequented when I was there. The manager also arranged for me to have a private tour (I think) to the glass making factory. I was amazed by the craftsmanship! I also received your birthday wishes. Thank you. The private wine tasting tour was amazing as well! They were very catering and the wine and food was great! I went on a gondola ride as well to end my birthday night. Overall, it was a fabulous trip!... Thank you and your staff so much for making this an amazing trip! The attention to detail and keeping me abreast of any changes in my trip. It was very comforting to know that you did follow up with me while in Italy. It was beautiful experience that I would not change. Ihave become a fan of wine and Italian style pizza. I hope that I can plan another trip to Italy soon with you.Thank you so very much for making my birthday an Amazing experience"