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" Ciao Tommaso,First of all, please accept my apologies for not having returned the email earlier. I had a critical week at work. In fact, the last 2 months have been very busy, mostly finding new projects for next year.The trip was fantastic. Your tours were quite well organized.The tour through the lakes was very good, particularly the guide Andrea - he deserves special complimenti - who took us (not the whole group, only the braves) to the local restaurants both in Como, his hometown, and in Brescia. The boat rides included in this 4 days tour were a must.The hotels selection was very good, particularly in terms of location. The only observation was in regards to the hotel in Firenze: for us was not a big deal, but the staircase at the entrance may represent a hurdle for some people.The guided tour in Siena ended up being a "private tour": we ended up only the four of us with a guide who felt more comfortable in speaking Italian rather than English. And I was glad that Tatiana, Luis and Alice could follow it up.The tour to Cinque Terre was not so nice, but for reasons outside your control: the place was completely packed and, with the boats not running, the trains reminded me of my childhood in Brazil, going to school in a bus for 40 people carrying 120...Besides that, of course the place is fantastic, but I would suggest visiting Cinque Terre out of season peak.As you remember, the tours in Modena I organized by myself, but the hotel was very well located.The trains system was very nice: in time, clean, comfortable.Torino is a case apart. I think I will buy Lottery tickets until the day I win and can retire there. It is, for sure one of the most beatiful cities in Europe. The local guide knew every single detail of everything (se non era vero, era bene trovato...). Oh I should not have forgotten his name, but he was a musician from a group of medieval music. We could have spent hours talking about history, architecture, etc. All of us had two Bicerin, despite the heat.What we liked best: the cities, the monuments and their history, the architecture, gelato, Chianti, Lambrusco, Parmiggiano Reggiano, Aceto Balsamico, Ferrari, Opera, Horse Meat, nature in the landscapes, the weather (we didn't have one day of rain), the lakes, the people, steak fiorentina, grissini, tajarin....did I miss anything?What we disliked: coming back.Next steps: Ski vacation, Sardegna, Sicilia & Capri. One at a time, please, otherwise I bankrupt...Attached: some pictures of our trip. Unexplainable weight increase, as the trip goes by...If you need any of these in high res for your advertisement, website, etc please let me knowTanti Auguri,gli Berardi "