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An Italian adventure is truly a life-changing experience, which is why most who visit Italy vow to return as soon as possible. The entire country wows with its rich culture, long history, and timeless traditions, all of which combine perfectly to create an unforgettable vacation filled with art, food, wine, breathtaking views, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
Three of Italy’s most visited destinations--Rome, Florence, and Venice--capture the true variety the country offers. Rome represents how Italy’s modern evolution has not overtaken its ancient history, as the bustle of the big city flows seamlessly into its centuries old locations. Florence captures the feeling of the Italian Renaissance, surrounded by amazing countryside views and stunning piazzas. While Venice seems to transport travelers back to a simpler time, seemingly unchanged since the canals were first built. Other cities in Italy, such as Milan, Naples, Siena, and the coasts of Amalfi and Sorrento all dazzle in their own unique way, offering visitors amazing views, incredible art, and five-star cuisine.  

Travelers who want to experience the true depth of Italy can customize their own Italian vacation package. Fill your days with the experiences that will mean the most to you. Whether touring the Italian wine country for the perfect Chianti, exploring ancient ruins, relaxing near the water, or all three, a custom vacation package can ensure you get the most out of your Italian adventure. This can be done without the hassle of having to personally handle the coordination of flights, car rentals, hotel accommodations, and itinerary planning. Let Trips 2 Italy handle the details while you simply pack your bags and say arrivederci!

Family Trips to Italy

If there is one thing that Italians hold dear, it is famiglia, which translates to “family” in English. Italian’s cherish their heritage and their families in a very deep and meaningful way, making Italy the perfect family vacation destination....

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Custom Italian Vacations

Planning the perfect trip can be extremely stressful. That’s where Trips 2 Italy makes planning a customized trip to Italy very simple. And even while on your vacation, we are there every step of the way to help.Decide Your Trip TypeSelect what the...

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Italian Honeymoon & Romantic Trips

Why An Italian Honeymoon Above All Else?Considered by many to be the birthplace of romance, the landscape and culture of Italy paints a portrait of pure love and devotion, therefore, Italy is the perfect honeymoon destination. The intoxicating...

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Wine Tasting and Food Tours

Nothing encapsulates the true heart and spirit of Italy quite like exploring the high-quality wines and native cuisine that has made Italy legendary. Meals in Italy are crafted with time and attention to every detail. The average meal in Italy can...

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Group Trip to Italy

Trips 2 Italy can help customize specialized itineraries for any kind of group to ensure every member of your party gets exactly what they want out of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Explore the cuisine and wine that has made Italy the culinary...

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Fly and Drive Packages

Imagine driving along the Italian countryside. The windows are rolled down, the weather is beautiful, and nothing lays ahead except for sweeping views and the promise of a vacation unlike any other. For a truly unique trip, a fly and drive package...

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Escorted Tours of Italy

While we all dream of traveling to a foreign land and exploring the culture and sights of a place like Italy firsthand, there can be some anxiety about navigating the unknown and fear of missing out on the best attractions. For first-time visitors or...

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Cruise Shore Excursions

Nestled within the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea, Italy is a popular destination for many major cruise lines. From Genoa to Venice, Italian ports are a must-see for seafarers, whether Italy is their sole destination or just a stop on a longer...

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Guided Tours & Sightseeing

When we think of Italy we think of some of the greatest sightseeing on Earth. There is Rome’s legendary Colosseum, the stunning cliffs and beaches of the Amalfi coast, the Pantheon, Florence’s great Cathedral, Mount Vesuvius, the Vatican, the...

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Winter Ski Packages

In addition to its wonderful historic sites, Italy is home to splendid mountains boasting some of the most inviting and charming ski resorts. During the ski season, the Italian Alps are blessed with spectacular white scenery and amazing ski slopes...

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